Corporate Wellness


At Limitless Fitness, we understand that want your employees to be healthy. Happy. You would love to see less sick days, and better employee retention- and even employee recruitment! You want to keep a strong sense of community throughout the company, all while keeping insurance premiums down. We are sure that you understand the importance of daily movement and physical activity. We agree. And we are excited to partner with your company and share our love of fitness, movement and knowledge of nutrition with your employees.

Corporate wellness programs have become a great way to get people moving, get people talking (about their personal goals and lifestyles) and to help build a strong sense of community through the workplace while learning and having FUN!

What does our Corporate Wellness package offer?

Limitless fitness offers bootcamp classes, along with employee wellness programs that can be offered at almost any place of business or at a convenient, alternate location

A variety of 45 minute strength training / bootcamp classes along with running or walking groups can be customized to meet your company’s needs

Scheduling can be flexible. We offer early morning, lunchtime and evening in-office bootcamp sessions to fit the schedules of all of our clients

Limitless also runs 5-Week Movement Challenges, educating employees on the importance of exercise, movement and proper nutrition. We can hold these in-office and company-wide through web-ex or any type of video conferencing technology.

Limitless Fitness will work with your company whether it’s solely through implementing weekly bootcamps and movement sessions, or organizing more personalized fitness challenges to include all office employees, onsite and remote. These seminars can be held during lunch time or at a mutually convenient time!

Is your company ready?

If your company is ready to kick your Corporate Wellness into high gear, please fill out the form below and someone from our team will get back to you as quickly as possible to discuss rates, scheduling and a program that fits your company’s goals. (Typically 1-3 business days)

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