Katie Xavapy

I never loved working out as much as I do since I started at Limitless Fitness! I have been a member since November 2017 and lost over 30lbs! I struggled with my weight and I felt so insecure about my body. It was hard for me to go to the gym on my own until I signed up to Limitless Fitness. It was the best discussion I ever made! 

I don’t think I could have achieved the same fitness results as fast as I did at any other gym. I love the high intensity and strength training workouts. I have greater physical strength than I ever had before. The trainers are very knowledgeable, supportive, and motivating. They always make the workouts fun and challenging. Not only are the trainers amazing but the members are also! Everyone is so positive, encouraging, and friendly. 

Boot camp is now apart of my lifestyle. I feel strong, healthy, happy, and confident!


Amanda Stevens

Limitless Fitness has changed my life and I have never felt happier than I am today. My journey with Limitless Fitness began in August 2018. My friends had been going for a long time and invited me to join “bring a friend week”, and I decided I would give it a try. I honestly had no intention of signing up and I made that clear to them right away. But after my first class, my entire mindset changed. At that point in my life I was the heaviest I had ever been. I was so unhappy with myself, but It seemed like it was almost too far out of reach to even try to do anything about it. I would cry in fitting rooms; I would hate going out with my friends because I would worry what I would look like to others. It got to a point where sometimes I wouldn’t recognize that girl in the mirror. I was so unhappy with myself but not willing to take control of my own life. 

When I first went to Limitless Fitness, I felt so welcomed right away by the trainers and the members there. I was hooked instantly. I am notorious for signing up for yearly memberships and never going, but I decided this time would be different. I started to notice changes quickly and it helped to keep me going. I can remember my first bootcamp- I was quivering with 5lb hand weights and Pam called me a “natural boot-camper”. Two simple words. Two words that she may not even remember saying. Two words that had finally convinced me that I COULD. 

In my 10 months at Limitless Fitness I have lost 60 lbs., 35 inches, and 15% bodyfat overall. More important than those numbers are what it’s done to my health. In the Spring of 2013, I was diagnosed with Lupus. I had struggled with keeping it under control and even used it as an excuse for why I wouldn’t exercise. But since my journey with Limitless began, my numbers have never been better. I even completed a Spartan Race in the Spring; something I would have NEVER thought I could do. 

My goals have changed more times than I can tell you but that’s the beauty of it. Always work towards something new. Set your mind to something and never give up. 

I am forever grateful for the friendships, the success, the support, and the motivation that Limitless Fitness has given me.  The thing is, we are all trying to learn to love ourselves and even if it’s just a little bit more each day, be proud because it’s not easy. Limitless Fitness has finally taught me how to believe in myself. It’s amazing how much you can do when you tell yourself that you can.  



Riane McCarthy

Being overweight since childhood had me in a rut. Not a rut, but more of a deep hole that didn’t seem to have a light at the top for me to try to reach to get out of. I've been “dieting” since age 7, playing sports since before I could remember but the cycle always seemed to repeat itself. My mother would hide the cookies, I’d lose 10 lbs. “You look amazing” everyone would say. I’d find the cookies and gain back those 10 lbs. and then some. 

Until I hit 300 lbs. That was the number on my scale. That was the truth that I couldn’t hide from anymore. I had to make a change before my weight made a permanent effect on my body. But where do you even begin when you’ve decided to change your life? Making the decision to break the cycle and get healthy and stay healthy is scary. Start eating healthy? Sure! Start exercising? Great! But how?

I started small. Just changing little things here and there and losing 75 lbs until I hit the dreaded plateau. I had seen Pam and the girls so many times on social media and I envied them but I was too intimidated to even consider trying Limitless Fitness. Never in my life did I believe that I could keep up with such an amazing group of strong women. I talked to Pam at first about doing one-on-one personal training. She convinced me to do the partner challenge she was running at that time. Like she has done so many times since, she lead me in the right direction!! In just the first 6 weeks at Limitless, I had lost 13 lbs and 16 inches! It was official, I was hooked. Since then, I have lost over 45 lbs of my total 120 lbs weight loss and over 30 inches!! 

What you get with the boot camp classes is so much more than a workout. You become part of a group, whether it is the #5:15faithfuls (shoutout <3) or any of the other badass boot camp classes, you look forward to seeing your girl’s smiling faces every day and seeing their progress as well as your own. You become each other’s supporters, motivators and cheerleaders. The classes are truly for every level of fitness, whether you’re a beginner or more of an “elite” athlete you leave each class feeling powerful and most importantly SWEATY! Each trainer puts together amazing workouts that keep you moving and grow your strength. They work you right up to the point where you think you can't go anymore and then push you the one step further that you need. I’ve since added in Pam’s small group heavy lifting class along with the boot camp classes and my arms and legs have muscle definition I didn’t know was possible for someone starting at my size! With these classes, I’ve come to realize that heavy lifting is the way to go to truly change the shape of your body. To say that this gym has changed my life would be an understatement. I’ve seen strength in myself both physically and mentally that I never could have imagined before. I've beaten the cycle I’ve been on since childhood and become a healthier, happier Riane. I've built confidence and friendships that will last a lifetime. I’m excited to wear clothes and no longer dread going to the mall! Although my weight loss journey didn’t start at Limitless Fitness, I would in no way be where I am today without this amazing gym. If you’re looking for a better quality of life with trainers who are extremely knowledgeable and who genuinely care, then Limitless Fitness is your place!!


Nicole Mills

The first question that comes to my mind when I think about my fitness journey is what made me join Limitless Fitness? Why did I finally do it? I wish I could say I woke up and was motivated to change my body or I wanted a better me but the true answer is desperation. I was depressed and I had no time to myself. I didn’t think I deserved the time. I was desperate for something to call my own. I have an amazing family. I have two young boys and at the time I was a stay at home mom. My life was providing for people, except I wasn’t providing for myself. I didn’t think that was important at the time. I became desperate to get an hour for myself, for just me. I needed a time where I could not think about the dishes, lunches to be made or the laundry that needed to be folded. I wanted an hour that could simply be mine without my energy needed somewhere else. My sister, Amanda, belonged to Limitless Fitness and they had just finished a challenge that she was a part of. I saw Amanda the day that they were going to announce the winner. She was lit up talking about the gym. She told me I had to go, that I deserved it and I need to do it for myself. I told her she was crazy and that I couldn’t afford it. She said if she won the challenge she would buy me 6 classes so that I could try it out. How could I say no? She ended up winning and she bought me those 6 classes. I went and I absolutely loved it. I felt so supported there and like everyone wanted me to succeed. I wanted to keep going but I still struggled because I didn’t think I was worth the money to invest in and thought it was selfish of me to want that. My husband thankfully disagreed and he supported me in joining the gym. After all the encouragement from friends and family, I joined. And I am so glad I did. It has actually been one of the most unselfish things I have ever done. I have made countless friendships, gained true confidence in myself and I have physically done things I never thought I could do (like box jumps that took me months to be able to do!) I have become a better mom because I can physically run and play with my kids for a much longer time. I am a better wife and friend because mentally the gym has helped make me a happier person. I lost 19 inches, 29 pounds and 7.7 percent of body fat but really that’s not even my biggest accomplishment since joining Limitless Fitness. It is all the other things. It's the friendships, the happiness I feel when I finish a 45 minute class. I feel fulfilled that I did it and I completed it for me. I have a new bond and stronger connection with my sister and friendships that are now stronger since we are working out together. Each and every one of us deserves time for ourselves. At Limitless, I felt supported from the start and that everyone there believed in me. The real shift was when I realized I believed in myself.


Aline MacDonald

Growing up I was an active girl, and it was easy for me to stay in shape. As the years passed by and after having 3 gorgeous daughters, it became more of a challenge to maintain my figure. Soon my challenge developed into a passion for living a healthy life and being a positive role model for my daughters. 

My journey, with Limitless Fitness, started about 2 years ago. At that time, I became pregnant with my third child. There were numerous times during my pregnancy that I became tired and wanted to stop working out. Thankfully with the tremendous support from the trainers and my workout partners I was able to push through the tough times and keep going. 

For me, going to Limitless Fitness allows me to maintain a healthy appearance both physically and mentally. The gym is my escape from the day to day grind. When I go to the gym, I am able to leave life stresses at the door and really focus on myself. Over the course of the past few years I have developed great relationships with the trainers and the “5:15 Faithful” crew, I consider them as my second family. 

I look forward to continuing my involvement with Limitless Fitness for years to come.


Stephanie Scopa

I was walking up the stairs with my almost one year old son and I couldn’t breathe. I got to the top of the stairs completely out of breath wondering how this was happening. It was that moment I realized I needed to change my life. How could I have gotten to this point? Well I was 200 pounds when I got pregnant, gained 45 pounds while pregnant and had only lost 10 pounds after having the baby. I was now the heaviest I had been in my adult life. I struggled with my weight my entire life. As an adult I could never get below 200 pounds, I worked in my family business for 15 years and ate constantly. I could not seem to out exercise my terrible diet. Even with my father telling me for years he would buy me a whole new wardrobe, I still could never make the weight come off.

I walked into the gym at 5:15 am not knowing anyone. My first bootcamp was February 1, 2017. It was hard, it was dark, it was early but I was determined. Waking up at that time didn’t feel like a hinder at all, it felt good. I have an hour, early in the morning, where I did not have to worry about anyone but me and it felt incredible. As time went on #5:15faithful became a way of life. It was not whether or not to wake up, it was what challenge are we going to crush today! 

As time went on, I began to love Limitless. The people, the trainers, the exercising became part of my everyday routine. Now the hard part, the food. Pam offered a Skinny Jean for Summer Fitness Challenge, it incorporated the diet to the exercise. It was hard but very gratifying. I won that challenge, but that was just the beginning of dealing with my relationship with food. I would say the greatest challenge I have faced is the food, but over time I have learned what works for me and what makes my body change. Some days are much harder than others, but even if I fall off, I get right back into it because I never want to be that weight again. 

It has been 2.5 years of my fitness journey and I would not change any part of it, especially not the ups and downs. I lost 70 pounds, over 25 inches, and 10% body fat. Everyday is not peaches and roses, there are setbacks, injuries, doubt and stalls but I have found that consistency is key. Everyday no matter how you feel , get up and go! With time, dedication and patience the results will appear. There will be weight loss, nonscale victories and inches lost. Try your best, especially when you don’t feel like it but be patient. I say it all the time “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. I am lucky I found a place where I feel comfortable, that is consistent, encouraging, and always fun! The strong incredible women I have been fortunate enough to train with have become friends who I look forward to seeing everyday!  Limitless has provided a space where I can be myself, train hard, receive the support that I have needed over the past few years to get healthy and be consistent. My goal during this journey is to be healthy for myself and my family and to show my son that with hard work and dedication anything is possible, especially when it comes to your health.

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Alycia Manganaro

“Like most people, I’ve always struggled to find the motivation to exercise, then I found Limitless Fitness. I love having a trainer who pushes to my limits, and past them, and it’s so refreshing to have others in the gym with similar goals. The owner of Limitless offers workout challenges that I enjoy participating in. 

The challenges helped me get to the point where I was comfortable in my own body. Working out became enjoyable to me and part of my daily lifestyle. I was finally able to hit my goal weight and couldn’t have been happier. 

Then, in 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. With all the medication and steroids, I gained 26 pounds and was so unhappy. I couldn't fit into any of my clothes and I was extremely depressed. Even while I was sick and going through chemo, I tried to attend as many bootcamps as I could. When it got too hard, Pam would let me come in and just lift some weights or walk the treadmill. She was always so supportive and helpful. Going from working out all the time to getting sick and not being able to work out as much was incredibly hard for me. Once I was healthy and feeling back to myself, I got back to bootcamp. I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to gain back the muscle that I had lost. I worked out hard, ate right, and participated in another challenge. I lost all my chemo weight, and have never felt better. Getting back to working out, eating right, and having encouragement from the trainers and friends, along with that challenge to help boost my confidence, was just what I needed to feel like the old me again. 

I learned to keep true to who I am and keep up with what I love. Now I am even stronger, more confident and in better shape (physically and mentally), than before I started chemo. I am so grateful for Limitless, Pam and all the amazing trainers there.”

- Alycia, member since 2017


Alice Aguacia

“I went back and forth about writing this, as it’s extremely personal. I decided that if this can help someone else who is struggling with  addiction, it is worth getting personal. 

I started doing boot camp about 8 years ago. I fell in love with the intensity of it instantly, and I’m still hooked. I love waking up before the rest of the world. (It makes you feel like a boss, try it.)The first boot camp I was part of was great, but it was very cliquey. I never felt like I belonged, but loved the workouts so much I kept going. After some time, Pamela opened Limitless Fitness, and I quickly switched to her gym. I never looked back. I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. The support I get from Pamela, and the rest of the strong women at the 5:15 am boot camp is what was missing for me all this time. 

This year, I have felt that support more than ever. I started to find myself going down a dark path, and was drinking a lot of alcohol. My workouts suffered and I felt lost and alone. I decided to quit drinking. Pamela has given me more support than I ever expected. She was one of the first people I told, and she has stood by me ever since. She high fives me for my accomplishments, when I announce how long it’s been since my last drink. That high five is so simple, but has meant so much to me. The support I’ve gotten has made me replace alcohol for exercise, and it’s the best choice I’ve ever made. Without Pamela, Michaela, and the beautiful women at Limitless Fitness, the last 8+ months alcohol free would have been a lot more difficult. (And I need to shout out my girl Stephanie for her support) Exercise is not just about losing weight and looking good— it can also help you come out of life’s darkest moments and shine brighter than you ever have before. “

-Alice, member since 2017


Kassandra Jackson

“Growing up, I had always been active. Between Cheerleading, dance, softball and basketball I never thought I'd see the day when my own appearance appalled me. Fast forward to 8 years after high school and I couldn't even recognize myself in photos...In comparison to my teammates, friends and cousins, I had always been on the "bigger side" but it was an "athletic type big"(or so I thought). What I was starting to see in the mirror and photos, was FAR from athletic and I was starting to realize how unhealthy I was...both physically and mentally. It felt as if my entire life was falling apart and there was no way out. Thanks to an amazing friend never giving up on me and staying consistent with asking/encouraging me to workout,(LOVE YOU JEANNA) I finally took the hardest step and showed up to my first workout class. Little did I know that my first 515 a.m. class would be the start of something beautiful. Pam was the trainer and it was beyond evident that she knew what she was doing. Leaving that class almost 5 years ago, sparked something in me. From that point on, I made working out a daily part of my routine and my main reason for doing so, was for my mental health.

 In all my years of trying to get my mental health under control, working out at Limitless Fitness has shown me the BEST results. I've broadened my social circle, reconnected with old friends and have made everlasting relationships with some badass chicks! My "Tribe" is beyond amazing and they even go out of their way to call and text every morning to hold me accountable. (LOVE You Jill and Ivette!) Being a part of Limitless Fitness, has been an honor. Each and every single one of these badass trainers bring a positive energy to class and it they truly care for each and every single client that comes through the door. How many people can say they truly KNOW their trainers? It's like we are all a family. There is not one person on this Earth, who could not successfully complete one of their 45 minute calisthenics classes. 

I can honestly thank Pam and the entire Limitless Fitness family for so much of my recent life successes because my mental health has improved tremendously. So to anyone who feels like they just don't have anything in them left, or think they could never turn their life around you are LIMITLESS and just know when you walk through those Limitless Fitness doors, you're already family.”

-Kassandra, member since 2017

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Ivette Espinal

“My definition of fit use to be so basic. I use to think that being skinny was fit, not eating half the day would help me be “fit” or “skinny”. I always had an obsession with my image since I was young because my mother looked like a super model with a big butt and my weight was always the topic. As I got older life changed, I had a baby very young and my body changed drastically.

  Throughout the years I worked out and tried every diet possible. I even went as far as getting some cosmetic surgery that almost took my life. I knew I had to change, not only for me but for my kids. I wanted to show them that image is a mental thing and you have all the control to change that. In 2014, my friends introduced me to bootcamp, 5:15 AM to be exact and It wasn’t easy. There I met Pam and her energy was contagious. Her bad ass spirit and rip shoulders had me hooked and I made sure to not miss any of her classes.

  In 2017, Pam blessed us with Limitless Fitness in Lynn (my beautiful city). She was able to bring together a team of trainers with the same drive as her. I met so many amazing people, all with the same purpose, to be fit and healthy, not only body but mind and soul aswell. I am a 5:15 faithful. I am a work in progress FOR LIFE. Im not where I want to be but trust me I’m not where I used to be! S/O to my 5:15 crew you ladies and Rob make me want to get up and put the work in. I love you all thank you” #cantstop #wontstop #tryingtoliveto100

- Ivette, member since 2017

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Jillian Petrides

“I've been exercising for as long as I can remember but I didnt always enjoy it. I just did it because I knew I was supposed to. When my baby, who is now 5, was 5 weeks old I took my first bootcamp class with Pam as the trainer. It was hard but I immediately loved it. The 5:15 workouts were perfect for me. Getting it done and not having to spend the day thinking about it is the best feeling. 

I continued the bootcamp workouts and lost the baby weight, and then some. Since then, a lot has happened. My weight was up and down (because of my nutrition) but I always, always show up for my workouts. 

Limitless fitness is my second home. The challenges Pam runs are amazing. They help me stay accountable with my eating, which is where I need the most help. Last challenge, I actually won! It was amazing! 

I lost 19 lbs, 11 inches and 4% body fat. I've recently been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my right foot, so lately I've been modifying the workouts-but I still leave dripping in sweat and feeling amazing. 

I know a lot of people who think they cant join this type of gym until they feel they are fit, but this gym is truly for everyone. Every workout has a modification and all the classes are filled with amazing people who help build you up. I'm so glad to have found my squad and finally enjoy going to my workouts.”

-Jillian, member since 2017

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Natasha Lopez

“My fitness journey began two and a half years ago. I saw a picture of myself and I looked tired, unhappy, and weak. My days consisted of long hours in the office and unhealthy meal choices. I needed to make a change. 

I explored a few different avenues of exercise but nothing was as exciting as weight lifting. I started off slow, I could barely do a push-up correctly. My trainer, Kaisha, challenged me to push myself mentally and physically. She also drastically improved my nutrition. Fast forward to present day, and I feel confident, strong, and healthy. I love the way I feel, the way my clothes fit, and the way I look (Kaisha is the queen of booty-building). I also feel better equipped to handle the stressors that life throws at me.

Weight lifting is not easy by any means. There are days when I can barely lift a 10 pound dumbbell. Other times, I feel unstoppable. What has always remained consistent is the belief that I can and will reach my goals. Through tears, frustration, and many wins, Kaisha has been right there with me. She pushes me to be my best self with a little tough love, usually in the form of heavier weights just when I think I’ve reached my limit. ️

 I am so grateful for the wonderful people I have met at Limitless Fitness. We really are a family and I know that we will continue to motivate each other to keep crushing our goals!”

- Natasha, member since 2018