3 Reasons why you need to try bootcamp.

1. Group Accountability

When compared to regular group fitness classes, boot camp has a much higher level of accountability. While you can go to an average class and never know the name of the person working out next to you, boot camp classes promote a reliance on others.

“Boot camp is different from regular group fitness classes because you not only have your instructor giving you exercises to do, but you also have other patrons making sure you aren’t cheating yourself,” Nunoo says. “They are there cheering you on. They make it fun!”

2. Shared Glory

In boot camp, when your group mates win, so do you. This shared success encourages everyone participating in the class to help each other.

“You tend to make friends within the fitness world, and they want to see you succeed just as much as you want to see yourself do well,” Nunoo says. “They keep you motivated. They keep you focused. They hold you accountable when you gain weight. They share in your glory when you lose.”

3. Trainer Support

Although boot camp classes are intense, they aren’t daunting or overwhelming. In fact, most find the power of the group to be uplifting — it’s a way to get individualized attention from a trainer, but without carrying the load alone.

“Everyone seems to be scared of the term ‘boot camp’ when in actuality, boot camp is less of a pain than one-on-one training,” Nunoo says.